The personal online portal

Based on more than 30 years experience as Switzerland's first and largest online portal for temporary housing (, we have developed tempoFLAT as a new service. tempoFLAT combines the advantages of a modern platform with many support and security services.

Our aim is provide you with all of the services you require:

  • Housing providers can advertise their apartments for free and sublet them;
  • Home seekers can use the portal to find a temporary home for the rental price as published, all-in;
  • Both providers and seekers can benefit from a large variety of services that make the sublease easy and secure

As both a platform and a service provider, we let you choose and combine our services to suit your needs!

Swiss company

tempoFLAT is operated by UMS Ltd, 3014 Bern, Switzerland. We have been the number one portal for temporary housing in Switzerland for more than 30 years ( We are using our experience to establish tempoFLAT as a new platform in Austria.