Privately owned apartments for temporary rental

On our real-estate portal for temporary rental and subleasing, you can offer your apartment as a sublet or temporary rental. You can advertise your apartment free of charge if you will not be using it for a certain period (2 months to 1 year) – because you are planning a lengthy stay abroad, a trip around the world or a temporary stay in another location. Or perhaps you want to try moving in with your partner without giving up your own apartment.

We can answer your questions

As UMS Temporary Housing, we have been specialising for more than 30 years in sublease and temporary rental arrangements between private parties and are well versed in the questions associated with the practice. As subletters, many of our providers are in the role of landlord for the first time and have a lot of questions: Am I allowed to sublet my apartment? Is temporary rental allowed? How do I organise temporary rental? Is subletting safe? Do I need the consent of the landlord for temporary rental, and how do I obtain it?

Different people want different levels of support. Which is why, in addition to the internet platform for temporary rental and subletting, we offer our providers various agency services – you choose the appropriate support level for your needs.

You'll also find useful tips & tricks for temporary rental as well as organisational, bureaucratic and legal issues related to subletting in our section The right way to sublet.

Simply secure

But we don't just answer your questions. As part of our agency services, we can also provide advice and assistance to help ensure your sublease experience is positive. Give it a try?

How we're different from the new guest & room portals

We don't regard ourselves as competing with Airbnb, Wimdu, etc. On those portals, providers rent out their properties by the day for prices that are generally well above the actual rent. tempoFLAT offers properties available for lengthier periods and services that go beyond the portal itself: personal advisory services, security checks, arranging appointments and support in case of language difficulties. Moreover, we also proactively provide information about legal issues such as the consent requirement for subletting, and prepare sublease contracts. This helps avoid problems that arise when properties are sublet without consent or without a sublease contract.

The goal of the tempoFLAT provider is to cover, or at least minimise their costs during their absence through the sublet. We are seldom obliged to remind providers that profit-oriented sublets can be problematic from the legal and tax perspectives.