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Are you coming to Austria for business reasons or do you have a project in another Austrian city?

When you're hard at work, a place you can call home and where you can escape the hustle and bustle is especially important. Put your feet up, switch off and relax. We'll help you feel at home!

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Fair rental prices for our seekers

Many of our housing providers ask only for their own costs to be covered

Without the intention of making a profit

And asks nothing for the furnishings

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Easy-to-use Portal

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Furnished private apartments are more personal...

Are you looking for a temporary place to live that is a home away from home? Then a private apartment is the right choice. Many people looking for accommodation, especially business people, appreciate the personal atmosphere of a privately owned apartment and feel 'at home' more quickly because of it.

...less expensive...

A furnished apartment usually costs less than a hotel, which makes a real difference when you're renting for several months at a time.

Living in a private apartment is even less expensive. More and more private individuals are subletting their apartments if they will not be using them for a certain period (due to long-term travel or a job or project in another location).

As a tenant in a private apartment, you benefit from extremely attractive rental prices. Private homes are significantly less expensive than apartment hotels or business apartments as subletters usually ask only for their actual costs to be covered, and nothing for the furnishings.

...and easier to find

Unlike with the ordinary rental market, the supply of private homes for temporary sublease usually still exceeds demand. This makes the search of a temporary apartment much easier than finding an apartment for permanent stay. The majority of those seeking a temporary home finds a solution after no more than two viewings.


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