As the subtenant, you are responsible towards your landlord for the apartment and furnishing. For this reason, it is important that you arrange a personal liability insurance which covers the liability for possible damages done to the rental property in Austria.

A personal liability insurance is low cost coverage for damages caused by those accidents which so easily happen in everyday life. The insurance only costs approx. € 50.- up to € 100.- per year and can be arranged with almost any Austrian insurance company.

Examples of such accidents are as follows:

  • Whilst visiting a friend, that bottle of wine that you brought as a thank you gift, falls out of your bag before you can give it to them, breaking, and spilling wine straight all over the expensive Persian carpet, staining it badly.
  • In the car-park of a shopping center, you accidently bump into a parked car with your shopping trolley and make a dent in the door.
  • Your train is late and to be on time for the meeting at 8 o'clock you have to run – accidently knocking over a child who falls and looses a tooth.
  • You jump from the swimming-pool diving board and inadvertently land on somebody, who was already in the water, hurting him.
  • You are playing golf, hit the ball hard – the golf ball flies high and far... and then hits one of the players in front of you.


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