Services for housing providers

List your apartment for free & sublet your apartment with tempoFLAT

Do you want to sublet your apartment to a reliable person for a certain period of time with the certainty that your home will be in good hands?

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer you a subletting service that makes this process easy and secure.

Our Service packages - more than just a portal

The tempoFLAT Basic package

Free listing of your apartment

Free promotion all over Austria

On ImmobilienScout24, & Justlanded

Advice & Support

We are on hand to assist you before, during and after the sublease

tempoFLAT Online Contract tool

We prepare the legally valid sublease contract which you can submit online to your future tenant


Security package

Includes all services from the Basic package

--- PLUS ---

Subtenant security check

We'll check the sub-tenant for you (Internet research, employer's reference, etc.)

Rental payment service

Rental payments are made through us - we'll intervene for you if a payment is late


Costs: 5% of the rental payments


[PDF] tempoFLAT General Terms & Conditions