Hoteliers and landlords are bothered about platforms for private accommodation

The resentment of hoteliers and landlords is directed at individuals who rent out their apartments via platforms like Airbnb, Housetrip or Wimdu by the day to tourists with the intention of making a profit. The hoteliers are defending themselves against the disadvantages they face: they must pay tourist taxes and other fees and have to comply with regulations (fire and police, etc.). The landlords, in turn, want to prevent the sub-lease of their properties for a profit.

Both of these standpoints are understandable in our view, but they have nothing to do with the sort of sub-leases that you conduct with us. tempoFLAT providers seek to sub-let their properties - in contrast to the ones on Airbnb, Housetrip or Wimdu - over a longer period with the aim of minimising expenses and covering costs.

Bad apples – fraudsters are rare

Various media occasionally report cases of tenants who have sub-let their apartments at excessive prices – a phenomenon that we have also occasionally encountered in those cities with a scarcity of apartments.

With us, however, only a very small minority attempts to make a profit.

  • 60% of our providers ask only for their effective costs (without a surcharge for furnishings).
  • 30% are happy just to cover a portion of the costs and ask for even less.
  • 10% ask for a surcharge for furnishings.
  • We have to reject a small number of providers due to excessive rent. However, many such providers can be persuaded to accept an appropriate rent once we have pointed out the risks.